Prisma is a SaaS B2B Enterprise Software conceived at MIT

Combines AI and Business Rules to optimize revenues and margins in Retailers

Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things

Isaac Newton


In Retail, there is a huge gap between data-analysis and decision-making. Prisma is SaaS platform that analyzes, predicts and suggests actions enabling retailers to increase profits


Prisma covers the key variables of your business:

  • loyalty


  • card_giftcard


  • category

    Assortment Planning

  • view_module

    Space Planning

  • view_list

    Item Master

  • local_shipping

    Smart Supply

It combines powerful AI algorithms, business rules and domain knowledge to provide suggestions and optimize the key variables of your Retail chain.


Our Mission is to empower every retailer in the planet by helping them make better decisions getting more value out of their data

Find out how we are helping major retailers optimize their profits.