Smart Supply local_shipping

Integrate your data into
the supply chain


Reduce stock-outs and Inventory Days

Estimate the behavior of each SKU in each of the stores to calculate a suggested distribution. Using information from sales, prices and promotions to adjust the suggestion.


Design your Supply Chain

Define warehouses per store and design an omnichannel supply network where suppliers and warehouses are involved in each part of the Supply Chain.

Use all of your Prisma data Sources


Integrate demand information from Pricing and Promotions modules.


Receive accurate information of the commercial strategy, stores and SKUs from the Assortment and Space Planning modules.


Push Replenishment

Define the optimal distribution of a fixed number of units for a SKU. Implement your promotions and commercial actions precisely.


Pull Replenishment

Optimize the continuous distribution of each SKU in your chain. Reduce out of stocks and keep stock levels according to the service levels of Warehouses and Suppliers.

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