Space Planning view_module

Locate your products in a cost-effective, optimized and visually appealing way for the shopper

Space Planning Element

Create your ideal layout for each store

Drag and drop planograms directly on the floorplan and design the consummers traffic flow for each store.


Analyze in depth the profitability of your linear space

  • Communicate and Deploy: Notify changes to stores instantly and achieve immediate results.
  • Comply with your business rules: Establish rules that ensure compliance with your agreements, receive suggestions from suppliers and others.


Use the heat map on your displays to measure your most important KPIs

Review the performance of your planograms using heat maps and choosing different variables such as Sales, Margin or GMROI.


Ticketing system to enhance the communication between HQ and Stores

Receive alerts from your stores. Prisma has a Ticket system that will allow you to report problems and assign tasks between the store and the back-office.

Integrated Information



Integrated with information from Pricing, Promotions and Supply Intelligence modules.


Workflow that includes the design, approval and communication of changes in planograms.


Smart Autocomplete

Use the autocomplete feature setting the exhibition days target and Prisma will suggest facings to minimize out of stocks.


Use mobile elements and different types of shelves

Add items such as hooks, drawers or hangers on planogram shelves. Freezers for frozen or dairy products, free baskets and tables, to be able to locate your promotions.

Mockup Space Planning

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