Pricing loyalty

Get the right price
with AI

Pricing Element

Set up your business rules

Setup competitive, margin and parent rules by price zone, store, category, sensitivity or product attributes.


Configure your goals by category

Rounding rules, margin and price variation guidelines by category will avoid mistakes and accelerate your decision-making process.


Achieve your desired competitive positioning

Location algorithms identify your competitors in each price zone and help you adjust your prices to reach your positioning.


Execute your strategy seamlessly

Our engine will generate suggestions and notifications in real time based on changes in costs, taxes or competitor´s prices.


Analyze the impact of your decisions

Prisma estimates an impact in margin and price image that will help your decision-making process.


Learn with A / B Testing

A/B tests will help you validate or invalidate business hypotheses and feed ML models to improve predictions.

Mystery Shopper App

Shopper App


The APP will automatically send the data to Prisma and generate suggestions based on the data captured.


Easily assign missions, selecting survey type (Prices or Exhibition) and method (Photo, Voice Commands), frequency and expiration.


Round your prices, make them attractive

With Prisma® Prices you can setup rounding rules to make your prices more attractive while earning extra pennies from each transaction.


Price consistency between products and stores

Establish relationships between product families and price zones to achieve automatic price consistency between your products and stores.


Take care of your margin and your resources

Changing prices implies extra use of resources, such as printing the label or having a person to change it manually. You can skip price changes that have low impact to focus on the changes that really matter.

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